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The Migration Story Podcast

Anuradha Nagaraj and Roli Srivastava

In this episode, Roli Srivastava and Anuradha Nagaraj travel back to the beginning, to bring you the idea behind the The Migration Story. Listen in as the two collaborators settle down to have a conversation about what inspires them, why they do what they do and why everyone should plug in to The Migration Story. Podcast production: Prashant Vasudevan Audio and sound design: @btrpt9738  Stories mentioned in the podcast: Brick kiln story by Anuradha Nagaraj and Roli Srivastava: Migrant's journey map by PDAG: Cinema column by Radha Rajadhyaksha: Follow and engage with us on social media: X - @TMigrationStory Instagram - @themigrationstoryindia LinkedIn - The Migration Story


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