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We are the founders of The Migration Story, a newsroom launched in January 2024 to tell unique stories about India's internal migrant workforce -- of the men and women around us, who build our cities, deliver our food, stitch our clothes, cook our meals, clean our homes, and sell us delicious street food.

We are committed to bring you text stories, videos, graphics, and podcasts that spotlight a workforce that's all around us, yet invisible. Telling these stories is important, but they need resources, equipment and travel budgets. Putting content behind a paywall would defeat our purpose to mainstream migrant voices.

By subscribing to The Migration Story, you will become an integral part of our mission to tell stories of migration that matter, help us to dig deeper, report from across the country and reach a wider audience.

Migrants matter. Your subscription is your support to the idea of  mainstreaming migrant voices.

We look forward to bringing you a consistent stream of engaging content.


Roli Srivastava and Anuradha Nagaraj

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