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The cost of going green

The contribution of brick kilns to Delhi’s overall emissions was around 6 to 7%, according to a 2018 report by research organisation Centre for Science and Environment.

The greening measures introduced for brick kilns to combat air pollution including shifting some, mandating new technology and banning coal to fire them is showing results, with the air quality in Delhi having considerably improved.

But with no proper transition plans for owners and workers, the sector, which is among the biggest employers in the country, is floundering, labour rights experts and brick kiln owners said.

Story by: Esha Roy

Video: Deekshith R Pai

This reporting was supported by Buniyaad, a movement for a just transition in the brick kiln sector, which aims to bring social, economic and environmental stories related to equitable change in the brick kiln industry of Uttar Pradesh.


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