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About Radha

Radha Rajadhyaksha is a Mumbai-based journalist, who, in the course of her career, has headed several editing teams at The Times of India and its allied publications. She has written on a range of subjects from cinema and music to politics, human rights, civic and consumer issues and law. After quitting TOI as Senior Editor, she wrote a cinema column for The Hindu newspaper and edited several books, among them Kamu Iyer’s book on colonial architecture called ‘Boombay’, American academic Jayson Beaster Jones’ ‘Bollywood Sounds: The Cosmopolitan Mediations of Hindi Film Song’ and ‘Multiciplities’, a book on Mumbai urban heritage commissioned by MMRDA. Besides writing and editing, cinema is her passion—she has assisted acclaimed film-maker Govind Nihalani and has a diploma in screenwriting from Whistling Woods, Mumbai.

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